Closing the circle

Today we’re sharing an “end of an era, start of a new one” testimonial story of one of our great partners, Ori Gruenpeter, Founder and CEO for Africa-Truck, now responsible for Konecranes Liftace products promotion in parts of west African countries.

Previously managing Francetruck from 1999 to 2019, Ori Gruenpeter started almost two years ago his new venture with Africa-Truck, after 20 years of experience.

Since the beginning of his carrier, he delivered more than 400 reach stackers manufactured in our Montceau les Mines production site. In addition to this incredible number, what makes this story great and emotional is that Ori bought the last reach stacker produced in our French site when creating his new separate company.

“Mixed feelings are coming from the bottom of my heart. Working and managing Francetruck for so many years had been an amazing adventure, and we have achieved great success with the MLM reach stacker product, being market leader in many African countries. But after my previous company was sold to Manuloc group, it was time for me to change and start a new chapter of my working life. That’s when I created AFRICA-TRUCK. Today I’m looking forward to represent Konecranes products produced in Markaryd” admitted Ori when we interviewed him.

Talking about plans for the new company and new product line he plans to encourage existing TFC customers to switch to the Konecranes Liftace 4532 TCE5 produced in Sweden, to gain new market shares and also new customers. He confirmed that “For now I am glad to have sold the first Konecranes Liftace 4532 TCE machine to a new client in Ivory Coast”.

Looking at market and future opportunities

“My number one challenge will be to convert my customers to buy a new product for them but considering the well-known Konecranes product quality and the extensive experience we have servicing lift trucks, I’m confident to maintain a leading position in Ivory Coast.

My philosophy in the business has always been to be fair to my customers and achieve a win-win relationship, so that customers will keep being faithful to you in the end.

Looking ahead in 5 year-time I envision myself strengthening my existing ventures in parts of West Africa offering more machines in rental and more services.”

Konecranes Lift Trucks Distributor Newsletter 6/2021